Top 500 VC Data from Singapore 🇸🇬

Top 500 VC Data from Singapore 🇸🇬

The Rise of Singapore as a Venture Capital Hub

Singapore's strategic location, stable political climate, and business-friendly regulations have made it an attractive destination for venture capital firms from around the world. The government’s proactive approach, offering various schemes and grants to support startups, has further enriched the ecosystem. This nurturing environment has not only drawn local talent but has also attracted entrepreneurs from across the globe to set their foundations in the Lion City.

Why These Top 500? Criteria for Selection

The VC firms listed here have been selected based on a variety of criteria including the number of successful exits, the volume of funds raised, the diversity of their investment portfolios, and their contribution to fostering innovation in the region. These firms have shown consistent performance and have made significant impacts in the startup scene.

Top 500 Venture Capital Firms in Singapore:

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  1. Monk's Hill Ventures
    • Industries: FinTech, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Technology.
    • Investment Range: $1M - $3M
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: Botmd, CoderSchool, Dagangan.
    • Overview: Founded by entrepreneurs, Monk's Hill Ventures is known for its hands-on approach, working closely with founders to understand their motivations and goals.
  2. Golden Gate Ventures

    • Industries: Technology, FinTech, E-commerce.
    • Investment Range: $1M - $5M.
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: Chilibeli, Klinik Pintar, Fuse.
    • Overview: With investments across Asia, Golden Gate Ventures supports founders with a global network and focuses on services growing around the rising consumer internet class.
  3. Cisco Investments

    • Industries: Finance, Technology, Financial Services.
    • Investment Range: Starts from $5M
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: Acqueon, BehavioSec.
    • Overview: Cisco Investments is known for its market and technology expertise globally, with a focus on FinTech and Financial Services sector.
  4. East Ventures

    • Industries: Commerce, Mobile Services.
    • Investment Range: $1M - $3M
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: Allsome, BitFlyer, Campfire.
    • Overview: East Ventures, recognized for its consistent performance, supports a wide range of companies in Southeast Asia.
  5. Cocoon Capital

    • Industries: Enterprise Tech, SaaS, and Deep Tech.
    • Investment Range: $500K - $1M
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: See-Mode, GuardRails, BuyMed.
    • Overview: Cocoon Capital stands out for its close collaboration with founders, focusing on early-stage companies across Southeast Asia.
  6. Singtel Innov8

    • Industries: Technology, Digital Content.
    • Investment Range: $100M - $30M
    • Stage: All Stages.
    • Notable Investments: Lyte, Igloo, CXA Group.
    • Overview: Singtel Innov8 invests globally, seeking innovative technologies and solutions that enhance network capabilities and digital content services.
  7. Sequoia Capital

    • Industries: Various, including Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, E-Commerce.
    • Investment Range: $100K - $2M
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: 100 Thieves, Alkira, Bibit, 23andMe.
    • Overview: Known for its diverse portfolio, Sequoia Capital invests in disruptive, fast-growing businesses.
  8. Innosight Ventures

    • Industries: Telecom, Health Care, Product Design, Technology.
    • Investment Range: $5M - $10M
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: Achanto, Capital.
    • Overview: Innosight Ventures focuses on innovation-driven growth, supporting entities from startups to national governments.
  9. Spiral Ventures

    • Industries: Finance, Technology.
    • Investment Range: $1M - $5M
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: ZipMatch, iMoney, Orori.
    • Overview: Spiral Ventures invests in Seed to Series A companies across South-East Asia.
  10. Crystal Horse Investments

    • Industries: Consulting, Financial Services, Venture Capital.
    • Investment Range: $500K - $1M
    • Stage: Seed Stage
    • Notable Investments: SourSage, Capital Match, GoQuo.
    • Overview: With a preference for technology projects, Crystal Horse Investments offers guidance and advice to startups.
  11. Tiger Global Management

    • Industries: Technology, Consumer Goods, Online Services.
    • Investment Range: Varies widely based on the stage and potential of the startup.
    • Stage: Multi-stage.
    • Overview: Known for its aggressive strategies and broad portfolio, Tiger Global Management invests in innovative companies worldwide.
  12. Accel Partners

    • Industries: Technology, Healthcare, Enterprise Software.
    • Investment Range: From early-stage to growth investments.
    • Stage: Early to Growth Stage.
    • Overview: Accel Partners seeks entrepreneurs with unique solutions and visions, offering resources and funding for expansion.
  13. Benchmark Capital

    • Industries: Technology, E-commerce, Financial Services.
    • Investment Range: Prefers early-stage investments with substantial growth potential.
    • Stage: Early Stage.
    • Overview: Benchmark Capital focuses on building relationships with entrepreneurs shaping the technology industry.
  14. Greylock Partners

    • Industries: Consumer Technology, Enterprise Software.
    • Investment Range: Flexible, depending on the company's stage and sector.
    • Stage: Multi-stage.
    • Overview: Greylock Partners supports entrepreneurs from the seed stage onwards, offering strategic guidance and operational support.
  15. Bessemer Venture Partners

    • Industries: Healthcare, Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity.
    • Investment Range: Invests across various stages with a focus on high growth potential.
    • Stage: Early to Growth Stage.
    • Overview: With a history of successful exits, Bessemer Venture Partners is a go-to firm for tech startups.
  16. Kleiner Perkins

    • Industries: Green Tech, Life Sciences, Digital.
    • Investment Range: Tailored to the startup's stage and market strategy.
    • Stage: Early to Growth Stage.
    • Overview: Kleiner Perkins is known for its commitment to supporting disruptive innovation and market leaders.
  17. Andreessen Horowitz

    • Industries: Software, Technology.
    • Investment Range: Varies, with interest in both early and later-stage investments.
    • Stage: Multi-stage.
    • Overview: This high-profile firm is known for its interest in visionary entrepreneurs and transformative technologies.
  18. Index Ventures

    • Industries: E-commerce, Health Tech, Financial Services.
    • Investment Range: Flexible, with a strategy geared towards innovation and scalability.
    • Stage: Early to Growth Stage.
    • Overview: Index Ventures has a transatlantic network that supports global expansion strategies.
  19. Battery Ventures

    • Industries: Software, Information Technology, Industrial Technologies.
    • Investment Range: Prefers companies with innovative technologies and significant market potential.
    • Stage: Multi-stage.
    • Overview: Battery Ventures has a diverse portfolio and offers expertise in business development and strategic planning.
  20. First Round Capital

    • Industries: Technology, E-commerce, Digital Media.
    • Investment Range: Focuses on early-stage startups with unique propositions.
    • Stage: Early Stage.
    • Overview: Known for its hands-on approach, First Round Capital provides seed funding and mentorship to budding entrepreneurs.
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How to Approach VCs in Singapore:

For startups seeking venture capital, it’s crucial to have a solid business plan, a scalable business model, and a clear demonstration of the potential for significant returns on investment. Preparation is key, and that includes a well-rehearsed pitch, financial projections, and an understanding of the market. Building relationships within the industry also aids in getting an introduction to VC firms, as a referral often holds more weight.


Singapore’s venture capital scene is more vibrant than ever, offering a world of opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs. The firms listed above have made significant strides in developing the business landscape, proving that with the right backing, revolutionary ideas can indeed become reality. For ambitious businesses, these venture capitals represent not just funding, but a gateway to unprecedented growth and success.

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